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      Loans / Advances

      Being a Commercial Bank, giving Loans and Advances is among our primary activities. Apart from our participation in meeting both Term Loan and Working Capital requirements of Agriculture sector, Trade and Service sector, Large/Medium and Small Scale Industries sector, Infrastructure sector etc. including taking care of their Export/Import and non-fund based needs like Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee etc., we have a fairly large basket of loan products specially designed to suit your personal needs. Salient features of some of the more attractive Personal Loan Schemes are described below.

      Home Loan

      UCO Home

      UCO Pre Approved Home Loan

      UCO Top - up Home Loan

      Vehicle Loan

      UCO Car

      UCO Car Loan Combo Scheme (Car Loan for UCO Home Loan Borrowers)

      UCO Two Wheeler Scheme

      Mortgage Loan

      UCO Property Loan Scheme

      UCO Rent

      UCO Swabhiman - Reverse Mortgage Loan Mortgage Loan
      Scheme for Senior Citizen

      Education Loan

      Education Loan

      UCO Premier Educational Loan Scheme

      UCO Super Premier Educational Loan Scheme

      UCO Skill loan

      Personal Loan

      UCO Cash

      UCO Pensioner

      UCO Shopper Loan Scheme

      UCO Securities

      Gold Loan Scheme

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