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      Besides the facilities of opening Current Deposit/Savings Bank Deposit/regular Recurring Deposit and Fixed Deposit accounts, customers in UCO Bank are provided with a number of well thought out deposit schemes, tailor made to suit different needs of different people - each in its own way maximizing the benefits for the depositor.

      Current Account:

      UCO Basic Current Account

      Saving Account:

      UCO Saral Savings Deposit Scheme

      No-frills Savings Bank Account (Zero Balance)

      UCO Smart Kids Savings Bank scheme

      Fixed Deposit:

      Kuber Yojana

      UCO Monthly Income Scheme

      UCO Tax Saver Deposit Scheme - 2006

      Flexible Fixed Deposit Scheme

      Recurring Deposit:

      UCO Sowbhagya Recurring Deposit Scheme (Scheme Code - RDUSS)

      Accounts in Foreign Currency:

      Current Account in Foreign Currency at Our Indian Branches

      Fixed Deposits in Foreign Currency at Our Overseas Branches

      Revised Minimum Balance Schedule for deposit accounts (effective from 01.04.2004)

      Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC) of Savings Bank Accounts (View)

      Information Regarding Closed Schemes:

      UCO THOUSAND Fixed Deposit Scheme

      UCO Dhan-Varsha Fixed Deposit Scheme

      UCO Double Fixed Deposit Scheme

      UCO Double Century Fixed Deposit Scheme

      UCO Dhan-laxmi Fixed Deposit Scheme

      UCO Triple One

      Friend-in-Need Deposit Scheme

      Two-way Deposit Scheme

      Special Deposit Scheme For Senior Citizen

      UCO Star Savings Deposit Scheme

      Uco Veer Shakti (UVS) (Defense personnel)

      UCO Sunshine Recurring Dseposit Scheme (Scheme Code - TD 144)

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