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      • WORKING CAPITAL FINANCE : UCO Bank provides Working capital facilities to finance day to day operations of your business (Trading /Manufacturing )by way of funded credit facilities as well as non-funded credit facilities
        • Fund Based Credit Facilities:
          • Cash credit
          • Working capital Demand loan
          • Bill Discounting/ Purchasing Facilities.
          • Preshipment credit : Export Packing Credit in INR and Denominated Foreign currency
          • Post shipment Credit-Foreign Bills Discounting /Purchasing/Negotiation
          • Bills Discounting against Inland LCs on Base Rate up to 90 days
          • UCO Expo Gold card credit facility is available to exporters on concessional pricing
        • Non-Fund based facilities
          • Letter of Credit (ILC/FLC)
          • Bank Guarantee (Financial /Performance)
          • Letter of Comfort for availing Buyers credit - We issue Letter of comfort to enable our customers to avail Buyer’s credit from overseas Branches of our bank (Hong Kong & Singapore branches) or other banks for procurement of goods or fixed assets
          • Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC)
          • Deferred Payment Guarantee (DPG)
      • Term loan: UCO Bank helps you in sanctioning of project loan (green field or brown field) or non-project loan for capital goods/ asset creation for your project on long term basis
        Salient Features:
        • The Bank provides funds for
          • Setting up new manufacturing/industrial units
          • Expansion of existing units
          • Exchanging of high cost debts availed form other banks/FIs
        • Can be availed under Deferred Payment Basis.
        • Terms loans can be availed in Foreign currency i.e. FCL/FCTL
        • Loans against future rent receivables
        • Factoring of Future receivables
      • Infrastructure Finance : Funding the projects of
        • Generation/Transmission of Power
        • Developing Roads, Ports & Airports
        • Laying/maintaining pipelines for gas, water, etc
        • Setting of SEZ and Industrial Park
        • Telecommunication services
        • Irrigation projects, water treatment plants, sanitation
        • Construction of warehouses, educational institutions etc.
        • Funds can also be availed in foreign currency i.e. Buyers credit & ECB

      UCO Corporate Home Loan Scheme


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